GARY BACHMAN says: The doctor who conducted Donald Trump’s annual check-up said the president was in “excellent health.” Although a prostate exam did find two Fox News reporters. … Continue reading

BILL WILLIAMS says: Disney purchased Fox studios in a $50 billion deal, putting Marvel, Star Wars, X-Men and Avatar under one roof. Fox News will not be affected by the deal. They’ve already got a whole studio full of Goofys. … Continue reading

GARY BACHMAN says: Fox News is ‘much more important’ than CNN, Trump tweeted. IMO, Trump coverage would best be handled by the Cartoon Network. … Continue reading

BILL WILLIAMS says: Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has been banned for life from Fox News. And it’s not for his stance on women or anything political like that. It’s because Rupert Murdoch has tongue envy. … Continue reading