1. German writer Norman Ohler’s astonishing account of methamphetamine addiction in the Third Reich changes what we know about the second world war…”High Hitler!”

  2. Des Moines man took home first place at the Iowa State Fair grocery bagging competition. With thirteen years of experience, he knew he had the contest in the bag.

  3. Biker abandoned motorcycle in wet cement on I-69 in Michigan. Police anxious to make an arrest if only there was some concrete evidence.

  4. Ohio State suspended Urban Meyer 3 games. It looks doubtful the coach’s contract will be extended. So there will be no Urban renewal.

  5. Steven Tyler wants Donald Trump to stop playing Aerosmith at rallies. Trump responds by telling Tyler to “dream on.”

  6. For Trump, truth isn’t truth, lies aren’t lies, and crimes aren’t crimes. By that logic, electoral votes aren’t electoral votes.

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