Los Angeles judge ruled coffee sold in California should have cancer warning labels. If we’re talking about dangers, how about warning that says talking to a coffee drinker before they’ve had their first morning cup might be suicidal?



  1. Social media users are criticizing Trump White House interns lack of diversity. This in sharp contrast to the Clinton White House interns who were very diverse–blonde, brunette, and redhead.

  2. On this date in 1970, Nixon signed legislation banning cigarette ads on TV and radio. The ads were relegated to the ash heap of history.

  3. Bernie Sanders says Amazon has gotten too big. People who bought this criticism also bought Trump’s critique of the company.

  4. Ex-President George W. Bush attended his nephew’s wedding in Colorado and was seen cutting quite a rug on the dance floor alongside the happy couple. But just like his presidency, when they played Fly Like An Eagle he was doing the Chicken Dance.

  5. The White House is hosting thousands of children for this year’s Easter Egg Roll. It actually serves two purposes. Not only will the kids get to participate in a great Washington tradition, they’ll also be vetted for Cabinet posts.

  6. Have you seen the commercial for this floor cleaning machine that uses water to get up all the dirt and dumps it into a tank as a murky, muddy liquid? One of the spokesmodels smiles and says, “It’s disgusting but satisfying.” I used to hear the same thing from the women I dated.

  7. A Chinese space station will crash today somewhere on Earth. A touchdown in Cleveland might be the only one they see.

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