1. John Bolton is the new National Security Advisor? Seriously? Just a little to the right of Pol Pot. Says he believes in Tough Love. Which is one thing. But Rabid Foaming at the Mouth With an Unattached Ear Hanging Through your Teeth is another.

  2. Archeologists say a 10,000-year-old chunk of pigment found near an ancient lake in England is the world’s oldest crayon. What’s really strange is a notice found on a nearby post forbidding coloring while hunter-gathering.

  3. Trumpty Dumpty will be Tweeting that “March of Our Lives” rally in DC doesn’t come close to the crowd he had for his Inauguration. The only problem is that Sean Spicer is no longer around to verify it.

  4. March Madness learnings: Sister Jean is Cinderella. Sister Jean is going to The Final 4 in San Antonio. Sister Jean has not been there since The Battle of the Alamo.

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