1. Wonder how many renters of Drumph & Kushner properties think they are getting gouged on their “Shithole” properties?

    Sorry, but that isn’t something that is close to being Funny….

  2. It’s great how Walmart gave raises to all employees in the new higher minimum wage states. It’s even greater how they closed 60 Sam’s Club stores thus allowing all ex-employees to move on to more interesting challenges. And it’s fabulous how they invested their Republican tax break back into America and bought a new family jet with all the bells and whistles. But the most fabulous greatest thing they ever did is what they named it. “The Greeter.”

  3. Fox News says Trump is only talking like the forgotten American talks in the bar … The forgotten American in the bar is the guy who gets so drunk he pees in the women’s bathroom then supports a law to keep transgenders out of women’s bathrooms.

  4. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen the wine for their private wedding reception — a very dry British Baccahus with a keen aroma of hedgerow, elderflower and pear. Trump Winery was dropped from consideration after Wine Connoisseur gave it a shithole rating.

  5. Following his latest outburst regarding “sh*thole countries,” not even Trump’s most ardent supporters are finding him very Charmin.

  6. “I am not a racist! I don’t care what color your skin is or where you come from. As long as you can afford to buy into one of my properties or can afford to stay at one of my fine hotels, or join any of my wonderful golf courses, you are welcome!!!! But if not, you can still work at any one of my properties for Shithole wages and No Benefits – like you did where you came from”.

  7. On MLK Day, Dotard Joke Drumph played golf and declared in honor of MLK that he too “Has a Dream” and that is to shoot under par in his honor! (He didn’t, even w cheating on his scorecard)

  8. Hey ICE people: how many undocumented aliens did you arrest at “Mar-a-Leggo of my Female Genitals Golf Course”? this weekend when Donny was there? How about the surrounding 7-11’s????

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