1. On November 30th Mark Twain turned 182-years-old. In memory of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Ted Cruz gave his best apple for the privilege of whitewashing Trump’s wall.

  2. Geophysicists at Rutgers University have detected what they are calling a rising up of the tectonic plates under New England. One of two things is obviously happening here. Either a new volcano is forming, or…Mother Nature really, really, hates the new tax law.

  3. Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in 1977 is now over 13 billion miles from Earth, having moved out of our Solar System into interstellar space. Communication is difficult at that distance. Kinda’ like talking to a Tweener. Whenever!

  4. Ronald Reagan is the one who said, “Taxes should hurt.” Later that year the California governor admitted paying no state tax due to bad investments. Seems he invested in his own movies.

  5. My wife has gone Christmas-mad, and is burning the magnetic strips off our credit cards at the Mall. It is beginning to look a lot like murder…

  6. My town is really into discounts. We have the discount department store Big Lots and the discount grocery store Save-a-Lot. We even have a discount church — Thanks a Lot.

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