1. Watch for it next year on MTV: Jersey Shore Family Reunion. The same great cast but with a small change in format. Snooki as Mary Ann, The Situation as Gilligan, and Chris Christie as The Skipper.

  2. Motor Trend magazine named the Alfa Romeo Giulia its 2018 Car of the Year. A great choice, even comes with junk in the trunk. Enough spare parts to fix all the breakdowns.

  3. I’ve been in some crazy towns, and then there’s this place. Holy crap, Ann Arbor, who rides their bike in the dark without lights? Students, you have a lot to learn…if you live that long.

  4. 10% of the world’s bird population faces extinction. Wonder how Dopey Donald’s EPA plans to positively spin this: “Less noise pollution.” “Fewer windshield solvents washed into waterways.” “More worms.”

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