1. A Florida sheriff busted an alligator for playing in a local resident’s swimming pool. The owner said it was bad enough when her nephew, the lawyer used the pool. But now Marco Rubio using it was just too much.

  2. North Koreans like emojis too, researchers say. In fact, their favorite is a smiling Supreme Leader for Life, Kim Jong-un. It’s used to shame your BFF’s new dorky haircut.

  3. In a new study, researchers at Penn State University have developed clip-on sensors to measure a leaf’s thirst, whether it is parched or hydrated. Funny enough, when they tested marijuana plants all those leaves wanted was Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Sippin’ Whiskey.

  4. I saw an advertisement for “Beer, Wine and Spirits” and thought to myself: what the heck, I guess I’d drink with ghosts if they were buying…

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