1. Probably a bad idea: The June issue of AARP magazine is the first-ever swimsuit edition. My copy looks pretty wrinkled.

  2. They’ve declared Trump’s postings on social media to be official statements. That means his presidential library will be housed in an I-phone.

  3. The reason Trump doesn’t want his tax returns to be made public? He doesn’t want us to know that he declared Fox News as a dependent.

  4. Back in April a Capital Markets analyst wrote a report suggesting Apple buy Disney, thus creating an entertainment industry Godzilla. But alas, nobody can do anything ’til Kathy Griffin brings Walt’s head back.

  5. The Chicago Cubs are selling ivy from Wrigley Field’s wall to commemorate their 2016 World Series win. Other teams are not impressed. The San Francisco Giants are calling it the Betamax of baseball memorabilia.

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