1. Big confession from the Air Force. While John Glenn’s body was waiting for burial they disrespected it. That seems to be going around with dead bodies lately. Last week at Malibu a bully kicked sand in Kato Kaelin’s face.

  2. A Seattle law firm filed a lawsuit in a Michigan court alleging that GM has over 700,000 diesel vehicles on the road that are equipped with the same type computer chips VW used to cheat smog checks. In a show of corporate solidarity United Airline executives raced in and drug the accusers down the aisle and out of court.

  3. The Bright Side of Democrats shrinking DC influence is they can pretty much carpool anywhere. And waiters don’t get as mad when they ask for separate checks.

  4. It’s appropriate that so many Baby Boomers have become greeters at department stores. When they were young they were on “Howdy Doody.” Now at Walmart they’re on “Howdy” duty.

  5. Questions about United Airlines interest in naming rights for the new stadium in Los Angeles: 1. Will they overbook the seats? 2. Will they charge you $25 to bring a carry on bag? 3. Will aisle seats have a $25 surcharge? 4. Will seats between the 20 yard lines be considered business class? 5. Will Charger fans show up and try to drag the team kicking and screaming back to San Diego?”

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