Too much hat. SAD! — 8 Comments

  1. Austria’s Green Party is holding special meetings to teach women how to urinate safely in a public toilet. Here’s how you do that in the U.S. Take a page from the Wall Street Journal, fold it in half three times, throw it away. Wet your pants. It’s the only safe way.

  2. Headlines on new French Pres.Marcon being 39 & his wife 64. Funny, don’t remember election headlines on US Pres being 70 & his wife, 46.

  3. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is retiring from NASCAR racing and will have his own home improvement show. He’ll focus on a single concept: How to make your home airier using a Chevy.

  4. The House version of trump Care gives $880B in tax cuts to the rich. Because rich people need more money. The poor don’t need money. That’s why they’re poor.

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