It’s HUUUUUUUGE! — 9 Comments

  1. The Pope had to make an unplanned rest room stop while touring Milan, Italy. The news media was camped outside of his portapotty with their cameras at the ready while the world waited and wondered if the announcement cloud color from the Portapotty vent would be brown or yellow, and thereby signify the results of the stop?

  2. Kim Kardashion is always going out in see-thru clothes. See-thru shirts, see-thru pants. Last week she went out in a see-thru hat. Funny enough, all you could see through the see-hat was the other side of the hat.

  3. Gallup polling reported that Trump’s approval rating has dropped to 36 percent after Trumpcare failed in Congress. But polling experts say that number is bound to go up since day after tomorrow is Marry Your Cousin Day.

  4. The Trump Administration has proposed a new approach to breast cancer. Raise hospital costs and lower mortician’s fees.

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