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  1. Cowboy star Donner Bolton, contestant on Dancing With The Stars, pulled a Trump on the dance floor. No, he didn’t dye his hair orange. He grabbed his partner’s pussy.

  2. President Trump signed the NASA Transition Authorization Act on Tuesday, recommending a budget of $19.5 billion this year. Not a bad budget really. All they’ve gotta’ do is launch from Cape Trump.

  3. Life is all about choices and here’s yours for today. Either go to a President Donald Trump rally? Or sit ringside at Ru Paul’s Drag race?

  4. A Japanese town is offering elderly drivers a 15% discount on funerals if they give up their licenses, making the roads safer for younger drivers. As an added incentive the cemetery is donating an eternal left blinker for their tombstones.

  5. Four murdered on March 22, including a police officer, until the suspect himself was shot by police. Not just London, but Wisconsin. The suspect is an American man with a gun. Move along, nothing to see here.

  6. San Antonio Spurs tonight paid tribute to WWII vet Richard Overton, who at 110 years old is the oldest living veteran. And one of the few men alive who remembers Tim Duncan’s rookie year.

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