Thanks, Obama!

TC in BC says:

Precedent DJ Dumbkoff is tweeting w/o “Spellcheck” again. He sent “I hear by demand a second investigation…”. Dumbkoff then korrects himself by re-tweetwing ‘hear by’. Everywon knows that the korrect spelling is ‘heerbye’. DUH.

I kan spell better than Dawnald and I am an immygrent. Sad!


Thanks, Obama! — 9 Comments

  1. TSA agents at Detroit Airport seized a passenger’s salt and pepper shakers because they were shaped like grenades. That’s not the worst. Last week at LAX agents seized Meryl Streep’s bra claiming she was allowed only one carry on bag.

  2. A few Marines have been accused of putting naked pictures of girl Marines on the internet. Marine Corp leaders say Baloney! A true Marine only surfs the internet for the articles.

  3. First Lady Melania Trump touted equality at an International Women’s Day luncheon. Every woman regardless of nationality should have an equal opportunity to become a trophy wife and gold digger.

  4. Trump received trademark protection for Trump massage parlors & Trump escort services in China. So apparently, he plans to do to the same over there, as he’s trying to do here.

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