It was those Carl’s Jr. commercials, wasn’t it? — 5 Comments

  1. North Korea executed five senior security officials with anti-aircraft guns because they made false reports that enraged leader Kim Jong Un. In a related story, U.S. Present Donald Trump was seen browsing a Supercuts catalogue.

  2. Caitlyn Jenner has dropped her support for Trump, claiming it’s because of his stand against LGBTQ rights. But frankly, it’s because of his Tweet about Bruce. “Should have stayed with his javelin instead of going for the broad jump. Sad”

  3. Snapchat went public last week with a stock offering. Investors are encouraged to post a selfie in their shirts because they are sure to lose them.

  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger has quit Celebrity Apprentice, saying he liked NBC and the people and “I would absolutely work with all of them again on a show that doesn’t have this baggage,”
    Pass the popcorn and get ready for the Tweet storm.

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