I’d prefer a liquor cabinet. — 18 Comments

  1. The University of Cincinnati trained drones to land on moving targets using what researchers called “fuzzy logic.” Once they saw that voters could be trained to elect Trump, drones were a piece of cake.

  2. A politician in Sweden has proposed that the country’s workers be provided an hour-long break to go home and have sex. He stressed the break was for couples and that singles could use the hour to do what comes naturally. Eat chips and watch TV.

  3. Scientists at Queen Mary University in London successfully taught bumblebees to score goals with a tiny ball, highlighting the insect’s advanced learning abilities. Actually, the goal scoring was easy. Getting them to rough-up the queen bee, that was hard.

  4. Employers can now post job openings on Facebook. But people are never happy so Facebook had to come up with a new box to check for those who don’t like the jobs very much. Whatever.

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