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  1. If you were Donald Trump’s Jewish son in law and Trump decided to start a new major league team and he wanted you to be the pitcher, what would you do if he named Stephen Bannon to be the team’s coach and Bannon thought you were terrible and said he was going to send you to the showers, would you check first to see if the soap was made out of wood?

  2. A week after Nordstrom did it, Sears and Kmart removed Ivanka Trump items from their stores. For those Millennials who don’t know, Sears and Kmart are where The Beaver’s mom shopped.

  3. North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the sea early on Sunday. Military sources could not tell if it was an ICBM, but did say it had a really wonky trajectory. Kinda’ like Dennis Rodman wiggling into an off-the-shoulder chenille cocktail gown.

  4. Metalica performed at the Grammys. And boy is their music old-fashioned. So old-fashioned their drink of choice is New Coke.

  5. Kanye West announced he wants a Star Wars role … ’No way Jose,’ tweeted Darth Vader and immediately started building a wall around the Death Star.

  6. What’s the diff between the “Dog Show at MSG”?, and the one in DC? The one at MSG at least features pooches with real hairdos instead of a UUUUuuuge Fakes!

    P.S.: Nordstrom’s sell state of the art orange Toupées.

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