Isn’t DB Cooper the Farmers Insurance guy?


There is new evidence in the mystery of the D.B. Cooper hijacking. Scientists have analyzed particles from a clip-on-tie Cooper left behind after he hijacked a plane in November 1971. They found traces of cerium, strontium, sulfide and titanium; which means one of two things. He worked on the SST at Boeing or he had a Big Mac for lunch.


Isn’t DB Cooper the Farmers Insurance guy? — 12 Comments

  1. 2020 will be a very good year. Not only will there be a Summer Olympics in Japan … Democrats will be scrambling to find a candidate to run against Republican Homer Simpson.

  2. A schoolteacher in Oklahoma was arrested for doing a cartwheel in class wearing a skirt without underpants. The chief of police responded that Pawhuska is a decent American town, and if she wants to wear no pants, there’s a place in France.

  3. Protest in Palm Beach were nonviolent but apparently disturbing to Trump at his Florida gala titled “Vienna to Versailles’
    Not perhaps as disturbing as it might have been had the President read his history on Versailles.

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