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  1. There is new evidence in the mystery of the D.B. Cooper hijacking. Scientists have analyzed particles from a clip-on-tie Cooper left behind after he hijacked a plane in November 1971. They found traces of cerium, strontium, sulfide and titanium; which means one of two things. He worked on the SST at Boeing. 0r he had a Big Mac for lunch.

  2. The thing about the Trump/ Putin bromance is- pretty obvious one of them is destined to be on top. And one will be his bitch. Maybe Donald can borrow Ivanka’s lipstick.

  3. Think about it: When Donald Trump is named President in several days, the entire country will be stricken with the DT’s.

  4. Bikers For Trump say they will, if need be, form a Wall of Meat to protect the President-elect from protesters at his inauguration. It takes real guts to form a wall of meat. *And from the look of their guts, a baker’s dozen should do it.

    In a related story: There are hundreds of ice balls gathering on Lake Michigan shores. Word is they are either a natural phenomenon due to the cold weather. *Or Bikers For Trump who are too chicken to join the Wall of Meat.

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