Your inaugural parade. — 8 Comments

  1. So I guess you all heard this bogus story about Trump. Years ago he got in a body fluids experience with a Russian prostitute. Now, this is totally a lie, but to put a positive spin on it his people say: Even then he was into recycling.

  2. Astronauts conducted a spacewalk to install new lithium ion batteries aboard the International Space Station last weekend. This is a Win, Win, Win situation for everyone. The station gets brighter lights and less time for recharging. And since the station is in space, no one can sue Samsung.

  3. The U.S. Army wants bullets that biodegrade and leave seeds behind. It’s an operation they’ve dubbed, Johnny-Get-Your-Gun-Appleseed.

  4. The owner of a missing finger part found in a Sydney, Australia toilet block has come forward. It belonged to a young man who told police he lost the finger on Dec 24 then corrected date to Dec 23. Hey, he was just a digit off.

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