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  1. Santa’s elves are demanding higher wages and better benefits. Santa is so mad he has threatened to replace them with the Keebler elves.

  2. In the spirit of this, the season of understanding, one can only hope that Democrats give Donald J. Trump the same opportunity to succeed as the Republicans gave the half breed Muslin born in Kenya.

  3. Louisiana woman was arrested after reportedly leaving her newborn in a Walmart bathroom. I thought returns didn’t begin until after Christmas.

  4. Trump spokesman Jason Miller is not taking White House Communications Director job. Why does Trump need a Communications Director when he has Twitter?

  5. Canadians have some sort of holiday the day after Christmas. They call it “Boxing Day,” I believe, and maybe it’s folks with hangovers punching each other out? And they say they’re so polite in Canada!

  6. Body found decapitated with genitalia removed behind a New Mexico Walmart. That’s why I shop at Nordstrom where it only costs an arm and a leg.

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