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  1. American Airlines flight attendants are demanding a full recall of their new uniforms after 1,600 became ill with headaches, rashes and respiratory illness. And a full 2/3 claim the new uniform is directly responsible for their Red vote.

  2. Can we please stop talking about who might or might not run in the 2020 presidential election and instead focus on what’s important? Who might or might not run for the 2024 Presidential election.

  3. Trump wants to drain the swamp of all the alligators. So he’s stocking it with bigger prehistoric predators to eat them. My problem is: what happens when the alligators are gone and his picks are still hungry?

  4. New research at the University of Amsterdam proves peripheral vision is sometimes susceptible to illusion. Boy, do they know what they’re talking about. Recently saw Trump out of the corner of my eye and thought I saw a president.

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