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  1. Smith & Wesson will soon change their name to American Outdoor Brands. They’ll still make guns all right. But when you’re not shooting up the neighborhood your bang-bang will convert to a cute little backyard fairy light.

  2. North Korea is ordering citizens to donate tin foil so they can shield military sites from satellite photography. This will be a win-win policy for the government. Not only will they hide their fire power, they’ll be able to stream MASH on Netflix for free.

    • It’s a trick, Bill. Kim Jong-Un is actually gathering North Koreans’ hat-making material to make it easier to control their minds.

  3. Research says an elixir of broccoli, avocado and cucumbers has a rejuvenating effect on mice, and humans. Unfortunately to get the full effect of the elixir the human must eat the mouse. But don’t worry, McDonald’s is fast at work on the new Minnie Mac sandwich.

  4. Hillary has surfaced! Yesterday she was seen carrying a bundle of Oval Office pantsuits into a consignment shop in downtown Passaic.

  5. Chris Christie has been excluded from Trump’s presidential cabinet. Mainly because when he tries to get inside the door won’t close.

  6. Recreational marijuana has been legal in Oregon for a year now and is very popular. The other day I saw a salmon waiting for the spawning grounds to flow downstream.

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