Finally, the end. — 16 Comments

  1. If it’s going to be clinton they’ll going to have to add a few “handicap only” parking signs for her short yellow transport van, and mark off a larger triage area for the coroner to await the flow of bodies to start once the “get even” phase begins…

  2. Colorado voters passed Prop 106, doctor-assisted suicide. The law is very strict and there are three musts. You must have less than six months to live. You must have a doctor willing to assist. You must not care who killed JonBenet.

  3. Following Trump’s victory, some Californians want to leave the Union. Oh, and weed is also now legal in the Golden State. These two seem to be possibly related.

  4. Donald Trump will meet with Barack Obama today to discuss transition of power. Trump will tell Obama that orange is the new black.

  5. The new and old president in the White House talking. You know the pussy goes up and down. No! No! I’m pretty sure it goes side to side.

  6. Donald Trump wants to abolish the Department of Education. His exact words, “Their ain’t no need for no Education Department.”

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