Better dead than Ted. — 23 Comments

  1. That Trump really did it this time. Insulted an entire sex…Not that thing about grabbing pusssy, that was just natural. Saying only stars can do it, that insults all us regular guys

  2. Any interest in another Clinton-Trump debate next week? My threshold of pain is warring with a love of non-intentional comedy. De bait is two miserable worms.

  3. I’m just wondering. Do the Masters Of Flip and Flip Or Flop ever flip each other off as they pass on Hollywood Boulevard?

  4. David Letterman says that Donald Trump is a “damaged” human being. But he does admit balancing that weasel on his head is a great stupid pet trick.

  5. Polls have Trump getting slaughtered in November. Looks like he’ll end up at the Dead Letter Office, because he’s just not Priority Male.

  6. Trump inspired humor: There are 3 times when women are smoking hot. First, when they’re 18. Second, when they’re going through “the change.” Third, when they’re cremated.

  7. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice fumed, “Enough, Donald Trump should not be President.” I love steamed Rice.

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