What would have happened if Ice-T died too? — 15 Comments

  1. At a presentation today, SpaceX founder Elon Musk basically said that his life’s mission is to make humans an interplanetary species. He envisions sending people to Mars for about $100,000 each. Omg, Something about this doesn’t smell right, Musk.

  2. If you pay to get vaccinated at Walgreen’s they’ll inoculate someone in a developing country for free. It’s called “Get a shot, give a shot.” They wanted to do it with suppositories, but couldn’t get the name approved by their censor.

  3. Critics accuse Hillary of being on some sort of performance enhancing drug at the debate. Maybe it was her outfit. An A-Rod Yankees jersey, Lance Armstrong bike shorts, and a Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds cap.

  4. Tim Tebow hit a home run on the first pitch, of his first time at bat, in his first game since becoming a baseball player. Some say it was a miracle. Some say it was dumb luck. Some say it was the pitcher, Ronnie Gold of the Oswego Middle School Bluejays.

  5. A study by scientists at King’s College London says people who had a lot of acne when young age more slowly … Gee, that sounds like the school’s money was well spent, so we can hardly wait for their next study: Does getting sand kicked in your face by a bully give you a chance with Taylor Swift?

  6. Trump may own some pricey real estate, but he himself is seriously unreal as a viable candidate. At times he comes off as a freeze-dried blonde Elvis. Is it the hair or the pout?

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