English majors preponderate! — 15 Comments

  1. Forbes: Cowboys worth $4.2B, most valuable team in NFL. They are worth about the same as Donald Trump and both are likely to lose in November.

  2. Edward Snowden wants President Obama to pardon his crimes so he can come home from Russia. The president should do it. It’s not like he did something we all hate him for. Like peeing on a gas station.

  3. Apparently, schools are not teaching literature anymore. I asked my nephew who Quasimodo was and he replied that the name doesn’t ring a bell.

  4. There is a recall of Samsung Galaxy 7 phones as there is a danger of it imploding. Guess no one told the Yankees that as they must have used one to call the bullpen Thursday night in Boston. (and Saturday too)

  5. A “sex crazed” Galapagos tortoise is said to be responsible for fathering 800 offspring and saving the species from extinction. It is now favored to replace the NBA silhouette logo of Jerry West.

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