Watch what you say, Will, it’ll be 15%. — 6 Comments

  1. Alabama agriculture science teacher charged with sex with a 15-year-old student after video surfaces. She was instructing him on planting seeds.

  2. A Florida teenager was arrested for being a fake doctor. Said he was an expert in physiology, psychology and gynecology. His big mistake was opening his office in a strip mall. He could have fooled them all if he’d just gone on TV. Like Doctor Phil.

  3. A DC station’s viewers were upset that the Redskins were shown instead of Dancing with the Stars. Hey, they got to see the Steelers waltz through the Skins.

  4. If they ever make a sequel to my favorite horror movie, The Exorcist, I’ll buy a ticket so fast it’ll make your head spin.

  5. In an Elle magazine interview Miley Cyrus announced she’s giving up red carpet appearances because people are starving. Noble thought, but here’s the real reason. It’s impossible to bust a Twerk while Tush Pushing in deep pile.

  6. Twenty-six states have banned selfies in the voting booth. Harsh, and no fun. But for liberal voting rights you can’t beat Colorado, Washington and Oregon where voting at the your local 7-Eleven is allowed. Buy a bag of Doritos and you are for Hillary, buy Kaopectate, you’re for Trump.

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