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  1. Look at that clock, why can’t it be wrong? On second thought, Caitlyn, I think a nightcap is a bad idea. You can leave your hat on, and everything else too.

  2. Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed a law eliminating sales taxes on feminine hygiene products. He promised that these items will never be taxed again–period!

  3. Give Ryan Lochte credit for one thing. A Zika-carrying mosquito bit him and died an hour later from alcohol poisoning.

  4. A French couple has lived with a gorilla for 18 years. Can you imagine the smell? No wonder authorities are considering moving the poor ape.

  5. Michigan GOP is objecting to Melissa Gilbert’s withdrawl from congressional race. She had no chance anyway promising a return to the good old days before there was electricity and running water.

  6. Melissa Gilbert is withdrawling from MI congressional race for health reasons. Apparently, she took a bad fall while running down a grassy hill.

  7. You can now tour Portland on a Segway electric scooter. For a hundred bucks an hour you get a scooter, a helmet, and a Nixon mask so no one will recognize you.

  8. Olympic superstar Usain Bolt was caught cheating on his Jamaican girlfriend. The 20-year-old Brazilian girl was a little disappointed however. Said like most lightening bolts, he didn’t strike twice in the same place.

  9. Airlines are introducing a new fare called, Basic Economy. Twenty percent cheaper, but no food, no drinks, no upgrades. And in the unlikely event of a water landing Captain Sully throws you out with the ballast.

  10. On Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary Clinton opened a jar of pickles to prove her good health. Meanwhile on Twitter, Donald Trump opened another can of worms.

  11. Donald Trump is trying to reach out to the African American community. Unfortunately, he still thinks rap is an informal conversation.

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