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  1. This e-mail brouhaha has finally gone too far. I sent my wife a sexy e-mail and within minutes the CIA arrived warning me to stop talking about Hillary’s boobs.

  2. Florida Wildlife officials are imploring the public to stop painting the animals. In particular, authorities are looking for the person who painted the weasel on Donald Trump’s head orange.

  3. The Kitten Olympics were held recently at the Veterinary Center in Madison, Wisconsin. There was some controversy when four kittens under the influence of catnip urinated outside their litter box and tore up the men’s restroom.

  4. The women’s water polo swimsuits are pretty revealing around the hips…basically a one-piece thong…who knew this sport would bounce so high in the viewership polls?

  5. Olympic Golf was taking over five hours to complete a round in Rio. It’s taking so long that fans are looking for relief at gas stations near the course that don’t have locked facilities.

  6. Donald Trump, as the Republican candidate, has received his first official classified intelligence briefing. National Intelligence Officials told him like it is. There is no Santa, there is no Tooth Fairy, there is no chance in Hell he’ll win.

  7. A Florida pizzeria’s security camera was rolling when a postal van drove up to their dumpster and tossed in its entire load of mail. Democrats immediately said there was no truth to the rumor it was Hillary hiding her snail mail.

  8. A Japanese pole vaulter missed his jump when his penis hit the bar. Ironically, the same kind of thing happened to Bruce Jenner back in 76, only his penis didn’t hit the bar. And the rest is history.

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