I didn’t know that was an event!

TC in BC says:

Supermodel Mrs. Tom Brady set a new Olympic runway record when she strutted the entire length of The Maracanã Stadium in 5″ stilettos. Gisele promptly announced her retirement stating that was her final “catwalk”. This would make her exempt from IOC drug testing.


I didn’t know that was an event! — 8 Comments

  1. Bill and Hillary named their daughter Chelsea because they liked the Joni Mitchell song “Chelsea Morning.” She should be glad they didn’t like “Dog Day Afternoon.”

  2. Robert De Niro compared Donald Trump to the mentally disturbed cab driver Travis Bickle he played in “Taxi Driver.” And he is getting pummeled like Jake LaMotta in “Raging Bull.”

  3. Many people are saying that Donald doesn’t pays taxes, which is why he’s being audited and won’t release his tax returns. I personally don’t know, but that’s what many people are saying. Are they right?, you tell me……

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