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  1. A Florida woman whose newly-adopted kitten crawled into the dashboard of her car, ended up having the 95 Monte Carlo cut up with a chainsaw to facilitate a rescue. Kitten and mom are doing fine, and Mr. Chevy is the first lowrider ever in Del Boca Vista.

  2. It is reported the International Olympic Committee suspects many past Olympic champions may have been on performance-enhancing drugs. Really, it could be anybody. Except Bruce Jenner. He was on estrogen.

  3. Sean Penn will guest-star on a ‘Family Guy’ episode about the anti-vaccination movement. His appearance is expected to give the show a real shot in the arm.

  4. Supermodel Mrs. Tom Brady set a new Olympic runway record when she strutted the entire length of The Maracanã Stadium in 5″ stilettos. Gisele promptly announced her retirement stating that was her final “catwalk”. This would make her exempt from IOC drug testing.

  5. Been watching the women’s gymnastics team do the uneven bars. I can relate to them. In college, I went to a lot of uneven bars.

  6. Words are funny. For instance, a “Beard” means different things in different countries. In the US it’s a straight girl who pretends to be a gay guy’s date. In Russia it’s what female Olympians wear.

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