It’s not after labor day! — 16 Comments

  1. Rumors are rampant Trump may drop out of the race, and there are signs the Donald is getting rattled. At the last rally he came out in an orange suit and charcoal grey hair.

  2. Nike announced plans to stop production of golf equipment. A spokesman for the diversified company said they just have too many irons in the fire.

  3. Two children in Norway could face criminal charges for defacing a 5000 year old stone carving. Today’s kids just don’t appreciate classic rock.

  4. Prediction: The Olympics opening night in Rio will include feathered headdresses, eyeliner, and Spandex…and that’s just the guys’ outfits.

  5. Donald Trump says he has a secret plan for his campaign. Apparently, it’s to drive every mainstream Republican to vote Libertarian.

  6. The IOC is bringing baseball back for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Just as well they didn’t have the sport in Rio, but meanwhile fans who want to see professional players in decrepit substandard stadiums still have the Oakland Coliseum.

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