That qualifies her to be First Lady! — 14 Comments

  1. Amazing to think Former President Bill Clinton will likely be the First Gentleman. Do you think he was Monica Lewinskys’ first?

  2. I am increasingly afraid that my wife is sending me subliminal messages through her cooking. The past three nights she has prepared Beaten Pork, Twisted Fajitas, and Smothered Chicken…

  3. “Foria Relief” is a tampon filled with marijuana. They say it doesn’t get you high, but relieves menstrual cramps for a whole week. There’s only one side effect ladies, you get the munchies…For men!

  4. August is the 2016 World Rope Skipping Championships in Sweden. The US was going to send a team, but they were afraid of getting the Geekie Virus.

  5. A study found that millenials are having less sex than their parents. Millenial dads should be more about the business of poking mom than Pokemon.

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