I thought it was “Pho Paw”. — 24 Comments

  1. Because of all the e-mail hacking that’s been going on I’m sending this joke via snail mail. You should get it some time next week.

  2. Trump says he won’t release his tax records because he’s being audited. The hell does that mean. Like saying you can’t tell people what kind of car you drive because it’s at the shop.

  3. GOP upset that ‘American Sniper’ actor Bradley Cooper attended the Democratic Convention. I don’t know, the Democrats seem to do an awful lot of sniping.

  4. An old video has surfaced of the Rolling Stones singing a Rice Krispies jingle. Now the only sounds of snap crackle and pop come from their creaky joints.

  5. A new Alabama law requires cursive writing instruction in schools. Gotta have proper signatures on marriage licenses when cousins wed.

  6. Are we really ready for a female President of the United States? I mean, we just had our first African American. Twice. Can’t we get an old school, wealthy white guy just to mix things up a bit?

  7. The Navy plans to name a ship after gay rights advocate Harvey Milk. The ship will be christened with appletini.

  8. Tuesday was the official reunion of Trump University. Graduates got together and reminisced about the best places to urinate on the NYC subway.

  9. Research in Switzerland finds insecticides lower the lifespan and sperm count of male drones, thus limiting the productivity of the queen bee. Two questions come to mind. How do they get bee sperm? And do they call the operation a “sting?”  

  10. CNN can find no photographic evidence that Putin and Trump ever met. That’s because Trump was behind Putin kissing his ass.

  11. A Florida man is planning to sue after he spent 10 hours in jail when a police officer thought he had flakes of crystal meth on the floor of his car. It turned out to be glaze crumbs from Krispy Kreme
    What is this world coming to when police cannot recognize doughnuts?

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