And that was good for everyone.

JERRY W says:

Dick Cheney invited Hillary out for an afternoon of target practice so they could talk about him being her vice president. After hearing his offer she said “To tell you the truth Dick…..”. At this point Cheney started laughing so hard the circuitry that runs his heart short circuited.


And that was good for everyone. — 19 Comments

  1. Things are a little different at the Democratic convention compared to the Republican convention. For example, a Trump aide said Hillary should be shot by a firing squad. Whereas a Sanders aide said they should revoke Trump’s library card.

  2. Columnist George Will said Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns because of his connection with Russian oligarchs. Trump retorted that he doesn’t know any Russian family named Oligarch.

  3. Kendall Jenner said she is okay with going braless. Critics say it makes her look cheap and promiscuous–which is exactly the impression she was going for.

  4. Donald Trump is threatening not to pay a hotel in Virginia for an event Monday because he said it was too hot in the ballroom. Maybe because there isn’t an air-conditioning system in the world that can deal with that much hot air?

  5. Doctors say high heels may lead to cancer. So here’s a useful tip. When visiting Trump Towers … Don’t offer Donald a joint.

    • I’d donate if her mic was permanently shut off, that screeching should be saved for when she drags us into WWIII, when it can be used to knock down incoming warheads…

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