Capitalization matters! — 23 Comments

  1. Ivanka’s convention dress was made in China. Daddy Donald says that’s OK. It’s where her next mommy is coming from.

  2. Clinton and Trump running mates Kaine and Pence are squaring off for a V.P. debate. There hasn’t been this kind of debate excitement since Fred Flintstone debated the Pet Rock.

  3. An official news agency says China has unveiled the world’s largest amphibious aircraft, the AG600, 121 feet in length with a wingspan of 128 feet and 4 prop-jet engines. The manufacturer says test flights will take place as soon as the pilot finishes his nap and plays Pokemon Go.

  4. The rock group Queen said they did not give permission to Trump’s campaign to use “We Are the Champions” during the Republican Convention. However, Sir Paul offered to let him use The Beatles’ tune “Help”.

  5. My wife had breast augmentation surgery, which has added a new dimension to our marriage. I can now see (and feel) her in 3-D.

  6. The political ad season is about to get into full swing. Soon the most trustworthy commercials on TV will be from car dealers.

  7. The Democratic Convention opened in Philly with boos and jeers. You would have thought the Sixers were playing.

  8. ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer got 7M views in less than 24 hours on YouTube. Not to be confused with ‘Blunder Woman’ –a biography of Hillary Clinton.

  9. US officials believe Russian government is behind the theft and release of embarrassing emails from the Democratic party. Officials suspected Russia when they opened an email inside an email inside another email.

  10. Navy is developing software to make robots more human. I won’t be convinced until it works on Hillary Clinton.

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