Isn’t that the capitol of Alaska?


The spacecraft Juno has reached Jupiter and will start exploring it. They named it Juno because scientists will ask it “Tell us what Juno about Jupiter.”


Isn’t that the capitol of Alaska? — 18 Comments

  1. In the new Star Trek movie Mr. Sulu will be openly gay with a same-sex partner. OK Trekkies, set your phasers to “Fabulous.”

  2. Topping the list of highest grossing film stars at 4.9 billion dollars is Harrison Ford. Topping the list of highest grossing reality stars at five billion, “Oh my God! Look at that butt!”, is Kim Kardashian.

  3. Six more women have accused Fox boss Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Turns out Fair and Balanced means a boob in each hand.

  4. Looks like Bill Cosby’s going to get his day in court facing charges he drugged and raped a Pennsylvania woman. Doesn’t look good for the Cos either. The only witness on his side is Pfizer.

  5. The women who have accused Fox News CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harrassment are probably all blondes. What happened to “fair and balanced”?

  6. Scientists say California is unprepared for the Big One. Food shortages expected during Chris Christie visit.

  7. Lindsey Graham showed up one week after the terrible devastation in Dallas, totally confused. Seems he thought the rally was, “Bland Lives Matter.”

  8. NASA has captured an image on Mars of sand dunes that resemble Morse Code dots and dashes. When translated, the message is gibberish. So apparently it’s a Donald Trump speech.

  9. Outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron appeared to hum a melody after announcing his resignation. I think it was his swan song.

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