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  1. At 30, Lady Gaga finally got her driver’s license. Just in the nick of time too. Joey Chestnut was trying to eat her Wienermobile.

  2. A female tennis champ at Wimbledon can sniff out the difference between 4 brands of tennis balls. She demonstrated this amazing talent on-camera and was 100% correct. I am not convinced that a talent for unerringly smelling fuzzy balls is something she ought to be bragging about. What if her boyfriend gets a whiff of this?

  3. Kelloggs has opened their first restaurant in New York and are selling bowls of cereal for $7.50 each. If you eat brekky there every day for an entire week, they will even give you the free toy that comes with the box.

  4. Olympic sponsor Coca Cola couldn’t be more pleased that the games will be held in Rio this year. They say the waters around the venue is the same color as their world famous soft drink.

  5. Many top rated basketball players and golfers have decided not to participate in this year’s Olympics due to the Zika virus threat. “You know there are drugs available for that?” said the Russian track and field team.

  6. Marvel Comics has now changed the identity of Iron Man to a 15 year old black girl. Not to be outdone, DC Comics will be re-introducing Lois Lane as a transvestite.

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