Tigers vs. Royals? Sounds like Gladiators. — 15 Comments

  1. There’s a story going around Donald Trump raped a girl in 1994. Well, not exactly raped. He gave her 16 shots of espresso and made her stay up all night watching a Cosby Show marathon.

  2. The NFL ruled coins must rotate during coin tosses. And no Susan B. Anthony dollars either. Guess they were afraid of L.A. calling “Boobs!” and San Francisco calling “Butts!”

  3. McDonald’s is selling 2,800 restaurants in China, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Look for new items on the menu like the Big Manx, McPuggets, Egg McMunchkin, and the Quarter Hounder with Cheese.

  4. As a young woman, my raven-haired wife was like a ravishing Cleopatra. Now, she’s more like a Queen of the Bile.

  5. The Democratic House members staged a sit-in. The Republicans refused to vote on gun control and the Democrats wouldn’t stand for it.

  6. San Diego came in 2nd (to Buffalo) in a list of the 40 most depressing cities for sports fans. Most San Diegans didn’t notice though, as they were outside on yet another 72 degree sunny day.

  7. What’s the main difference between Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner in yoga pants? Camel toe verses camel tail.

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