Gator-ific! — 15 Comments

  1. Bill Gates aims to end rural poverty in Africa by giving away 100,000 chickens. Gates believes to fight poverty we must pullet out all the stops. Critics say this another of Gates cockamanie ideas.

  2. Man arrested at Seattle park after swimmers complained he masturbated on the dock. The fisherman claimed he was just adjusting his pole.

  3. The NRA says “Assault weapons can be used as legitimate hunting rifles.” Yesssss, and you can also use a chainsaw to cut butter. Just going to get a little messy around muffin time. And a hand grenade will signal the end of recess.

  4. This week is Donald Trump’s birthday and many people will celebrate with him. But not old Mrs. Gibson, his 6th grade social studies teacher. She’s the clown who told him anyone can grow up to be president.

  5. Marquette, Kansas, will give you free land. All you have to due is build a house there. Can’t beat it. Free land. Cheap building materials. Free Wi-Fi. Only trouble is, to them Wi-Fi is WTF!

  6. Got to love Dopey Donald: it’s all about him. Day after Orlando, he brags about being right about Islamic terrorism. Al the grace of a flatulent jackass falling down an elevator shaft.

  7. Chris Christie picked up Donald Trump’s McDonald’s order. Three aides were required to carry Christie’s order.

  8. Florida Gov. Rick Scott says the best response to Orlando is to pray. And he’s right. Floridians should get down on their knees right now and pray for a new governor.

  9. Dopey Donald wants to suspend immigration from everywhere with a proven history of terrorism against the US. Which could be interpreted as banning our politicians traveling home from DC. OK. I’m good with that.

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