Keeping my fingers crossed.

JERRY W says:

It’s been 4 years since interpreters of the Mayan calendar said the world would end, they’ve recalculated again and say it’s going to happen this coming weekend, everyone will die. For about a million people worldwide that prediction’s correct, the rest of us will need to go to work on Monday.


Keeping my fingers crossed. — 18 Comments

  1. The Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos are scheduled to visit The White House next Monday. Peyton Manning’s plans on arriving are to kick back, drink a lot of Budweiser beer and chow down on Papa John’s pizza. (yes, you HAVE heard that before somewhere)

  2. A North Korea missile test reportedly failed to even lift off this past week. It had “Go Cleveland Go” painted on it and was launched towards a basketball hoop.

  3. Someone turned a Burger King toy into a working Game Boy console. Now if only someone could turn a Whopper into something edible.

  4. “Reason Rally” 2016 drew several thousand atheists and atheist supporters to the National Mall in D.C. on Saturday. An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in God. An atheist “supporter” is someone who believes in God but wants a backup in case Trump wins.

  5. Martha Stewart will star in the new $100,000 Pyramid on ABC. This is the second title though. Her probation officer rejected the first title, “Making Bail.”

  6. I think the Democrats hired Trump to ruin the Republican Party. An iced-the-Tea Party kinda’ thing. Wait and see.

  7. Miss USA contestant struggled with question about the economy. In her defense, so do Congress and the President.

  8. Former secret service agent claims that while First Lady Hillary Clinton would yell obscenties at Bill and the staff. Still think I’d prefer a President that drops F-bombs rather than H-bombs.

  9. Good thing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn’t like the Baseball Hall of Fame, or almost everyone would get kicked out for drug use.

  10. Hillary Clinton secured nomination today– two weeks after Donald Trump. Well, men usually do finish first.

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