Do you smell what the Odor is cooking?

TC in BC says:

Texas second baseman Rougned Odor was handed an eight game suspension for his part in the brawl vs the Blue Jays. This will give him enough time to finalize an endorsement contract with Hawaiian Punch.

Not to be outdone, look for Jose Baustista to sign a contract with Odor Eaters.


Do you smell what the Odor is cooking? — 6 Comments

  1. Donald Trump says he will solve the California drought. That’s cause when Trump is elected God will be crying.

  2. A poodle pooped on Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. To add insult to injury, a Chihuahua ran up and built a wall around it.

  3. Trump is running out of money and is asking for campaign donations … Well, here’s an idea. Have a lottery with everyone giving a thousand dollars. The winner gets to snatch that thing off his head.

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