The Brady Bunch is nutritious? — 13 Comments

  1. In a speech at a rally Hillary Clinton once again brought up the “3 a.m. phone call” idea that failed to get votes for her in her campaign against Barak Obama in 2008, this time indicating that she was the best prepared candidate when she said “Do you know how many times I’ve had to answer the phone at 3 a.m. to find out which bar I had to go to pick up my husband?”

  2. My wife offered to buy me a hunting dog for my birthday. “No thanks,” I replied, “I already have a hairy, big-nosed, lazy, good-for-nothing, old, noisy, sloppy, slobbering, overweight, unmindful, bitch.” Luckily, her hearing is also going.

  3. A three-pack on Tom Brady’s cookbook that sells for $200: “3. There were no recipes involving pressure monitors; 2. His second favourite recipe? Flintstones Gronkosaurus Ribs; 1. His favourite recipe? Robert Kraft Dinner.”

  4. I ordered a pint of Pale Ale at New Orleans Louis Armstrong airport. Cost was US $12. Who do they think they are? Yankee Stadium? The name of the airport should be Louis Strongarm.

  5. Experts predict that driver less cars will lead to passengers having sex during their journeys. The “Mile Traffic Jam Club” is open for membership starting now.

  6. Applications are being taken to fill 100 spots for nude females to pose in Boston during the Republican Convention. Is this symbolic of the cleavage apparent in the party?

  7. Large amounts of money can twist friends and family into unrecognizable creatures. Picture a roomful of money-grubbing Gumbies…and that horse named Pokey, too.

  8. The Spice Girls reunited this week to record a new song. Upon hearing the demo tape Donald Trump said, ‘I’m building another fence!’

  9. Playboy magazine announced: No more naked ladies. The Pet of the Month will be replaced by something a little more PC. A Kardashian girl’s naked selfie of the month.

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