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  1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West visited Havana last weekend and not one Cuban bothered them, or even knew who they were. Except for Jose. He just had to say buenos diás to the woman whose bosom inspired the front bumper on his beloved 53 Caddy.

  2. My Latin trophy wife is not a very enthusiastic bed partner. In fact, to be brutally honest, she’s pretty much a chill-lay.

  3. I blame Disney. For anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, so people think once Trump is POTUS that thing on his head will spring to life as a wise old owl.

  4. North Korea’s ruling party is prepared to give Kim Jong Un a new title. We can rule out President of the Hair Club for Men.

  5. Chris Christie was named head of Donald Trump’s Transition team. Not sure it’s a good idea to make Christie a bridge to a new administration.

  6. Trump now needs to make himself impeachment proof by choosing a running mate who’s so awful, no one in their right mind would want him or her as president. Oh…wait…

  7. My Amazon order arrived with the box lid missing. Just what I need with my wife already on the warpath about me buying stuff online: a topless Amazon on our porch.

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