Happy Cinco de “hold the Mayo”. — 9 Comments

  1. There is no delicate way to put this, honey. You’ve gotten less firm, and the coconut shell bra just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Can we try the Little Mermaid seashells instead tonight?

  2. Too bad Texas Republican Senator John Tower died in 91 or Donald Trump could pick him as VP and the ticket would be Trump/ Tower. Hey, free publicity is free publicity.

  3. After losing the Indiana primary and ending their campaigns, Cruz and Kasich are having Stinko de Mayo.

  4. When he is on the road, do you think Donald Trump books the hotel’s Presidential Suite.? I mean, just to get the feel of it?

  5. Paul Ryan declined to endorse Donald Trump so Trump said he couldn’t support Ryan’s agenda. Apparently his campaign strategy consists of “I know you are but what am I?”

  6. The Chinese Ministry of Culture has banned websites that feature female broadcasters eating a banana in a “seductive manner.” I know what they mean. I once saw Kim do it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It was very appealing.

  7. It’s only a rumor but it could happen. Disneyland might replace Tower of Terror. The new ride, inspired by Election 2016, will be called, “Molehill of Mediocracy.”

  8. Boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya says Donald Trump cheats at golf. I think it’s personal though. Trump claims De La Hoya’s great great grandpa assassinated Davy Crockett.

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