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Marco Rubio now says he’s going to return to the “private sector,” and as to politics, “we’ll see if God offers us another opportunity in the future.” And God is thinking “Uh, let’s see, I gave you looks, charm, endorsements and weak competition the first time.. what more do you want?”


Can’t disagree here! — 11 Comments

  1. Absolut Vodka has a new chrome reflective label. Not only is it pretty, it measures your amount of alcoholism. If you see yourself smiling, you’re okay. If you see yourself reaching for the bottle, you’re an alcoholic. If you see Lindsay Lohan smiling, you’re a raging alcoholic.

  2. Fifty years of research claims spanking has a negative effect on children as they get older. They act anti-social, become aggressive and unreliable. So what is the answer to discipline problems? Spank ’em when they’re 36, 24, 36 says professor Charlie Sheen.

  3. Kenji Fujimoto claims he was the sushi chef to former North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il. As we know from American rhetoric, what they don’t say is more important than what they do say. “Sushi chef” translates to: ”The food was raw ‘cause there ain’t no stove.”

  4. THE HASTERT RULE: The vehement leader in publicly condemning a consensual sex act by adults in the working place is most likely to be the former pedophile coach or teacher who was never prosecuted for molesting his students.

  5. A new form of medical marijuana for women with PMS and gynecological pain is marijuana in the form of a suppository. Not sure where it’s supposed to be suposited, but here’s a clue. Charlie Sheen just signed on as front man for Willie Nelson. 

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