Justin Timberlake is the Prime Minister? — 11 Comments

  1. Some people are angry about the planned change on the $20 dollar bill to have it include women. I guess I’m old school, I’m still arguing about the wisdom of changing the grains of wheat on the back of a penny to the Lincoln Memorial. Wait a minute, what was that? You say that the Memorial’s gone now too?

  2. According to the Sunday Times, Tom Jones is Wales wealthiest musician. Tom Jones audience is now so old they throw their Depends on stage.

  3. I’m disappointed about the choice of a woman for the new $20 bill. They should have put Bo Derrick on the $10, because that would’ve been perfect.

  4. Trump claims Harriet Tubman on the twenty is a politically correct move and she should be on the $2 bill. Apparently he’s run out of living persons to insult and has moved on to dead people.

  5. The town of Arcachon, France, had a big problem with pranking school kids always stealing the penis off of a Hercules statue. So what did they do to solve the problem? Simple. Renamed the statue “Bruce Jenner.”

  6. The first case of Alzheimer’s disease in a person with HIV has been diagnosed. And I tell you, it’s Hell for the poor guy. Every day at 4 o’clock he can’t decide between “This Old House,” or “Ellen.”

  7. Ohio State University researchers monitored the brain activity of college students as they were shown more than 1,000 photographs of facial expressions. But the test was a bust. Literally! The dudes only got one facial expression: “Hey! My eyes are up here.”

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