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  1. A Boston priest has competed annually in the Bosyon Marithon for the past 20 years. He has never finished in first place. He’s always came in a little behind.

  2. If “older” men get red sports cars to feel younger and inflate their egos, what do women get? Botox to inflate their cheeks.

  3. Texas man pulled out a real gun at a water gun fight and accidently shot a 15-year-old girl. Police said he was soaked.

  4. The remains of an ancient Roman villa were unearthed in England by a homeowner laying underground electric cables. The structure was estimated to be III stories tall and CCC feet long.

  5. Warriors assistant Luke Walton‬ has apparently turned down head coaching job with New York Knicks‬. Guess he’s holding out for an offer from an NBA‬ professional team

  6. Donald Trump on a possible contested GOP convention: “I hope it doesn’t involve violence. I hope it doesn’t. I’m not suggesting that.”
    Why doesn’t Trump just say “It’s a nice little convention you’ve got planned. It would be a shame if something happened to it.

  7. Maxine Medina was crowned Miss Universe Philippines. I knew she was going to win the minute I saw the Manila envelope.

  8. In winter-weary Michigan, we were looking for a deer-resistant plant, so we tried bamboo…now we have an infestation of Pandas.

  9. The RNC is considering using Robert’s Rules of Order at the GOP convention. A furious Donald Trump has given him the nickname Cheater Bob.

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