Federline, party of one? — 12 Comments

  1. Penises of circumcised men are just as sensitive as those of uncircumcised men, according to researchers in Canada. Now I’m all for science and the pursuit of knowledge but … I don’t think it was fair they didn’t tell the volunteers the test involved a Levis zipper.

  2. A snorkeler captured an underwater octopus fight on camera. The one octopus told the other he could beat him with seven arms tied behind his back.

  3. An octopus escaped from a New Zealand aquarium by slipping down a drainpipe. Now we know he’s really a Mexican drug lord.

  4. An Australia driver put seat belts on his cases of beer in the back seat instead of his kids. When they checked his trunk, they also found bottles of wine wearing mini crash helmets.

  5. North Korean president Kim Jong-un has just checked in at 300 lbs plus. If this dictator thing doesn’t work out, he wants to try out for the Boston Red Sox. “Fat Chance”, said Pablo Sandoval.

  6. A world record number for single day sales at a sporting event (Lakers/Jazz NBA game) was achieved when $1.2M of merchandise was sold at Staples Arena on Wednesday. It’s unclear how much of it was purchased by Kobe himself.

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